Integrated Data Warehouse

In the quest to offer sustainable healthcare programs, self-funded employers often struggle with a lack of access to integrated worksite information. While nearly all employers engage with vendors that deliver aggregate reporting, this data is generally two-dimensional as it fails to extract simple behavioral relationships (the why behind the what in benefit consumption) related to the analysis of indicators like absence, health, and prescription drug consumption (among others).

We serve our clients by offering a fundamental re-conceptualization of employee benefits – one that does not treat one program in isolation of other programs – to provide insurance that promotes human capital while reducing workplace risk. This philosophy impacts everything from policy and plan redesign to holistic wellness, stop-loss attachment points to clinical intervention and consumerism, and allows a special emphasis to be placed on long-term strategic planning.

Predictive Analytics

Advanced Data Analytics Driving Enhanced Plan Stewardship

Missio Benefits has developed an integrated data warehouse which enables us to use predictive analytics to better understand healthcare consumption, where it’s concentrated, and how misaligned economic incentives lead to waste and increased risk to health. Empowered with this functionality, we are able to steward our healthcare program with clarity far beyond what the faith-based community has been able to produce in the past.

Targeted High-Risk Intervention

Person-Centric vs. Disease-Centric

In order to effectively reach those who truly need help, Missio Benefits has adopted a clinical prevention service from a leading independent vendor designed for high-risk/high-need individuals and their families that provides information, education, and decision support to help people own their health and manage decisions to consume medical services and reduce inefficiencies. As a primary health service, clinical prevention is synergistic with primary medical care and a bridge to specialty medical care. It is also collaborative with health management programs and is staffed by a master’s-level nurse and pharmacist clinician team.

This clinical intervention solution utilizes a predictive risk index score to provide the right service to the right person at the right time with measurable performance metrics and ROI outcomes – helping to reduce spending, improve the quality of care, or both. This solution is different than traditional disease-focused care management programs in that decision support is provided not only for physical wellness but holistically addresses the financial, spiritual and behavioral needs of our members. Decision support continues well after the initial high-cost episode is over -significantly reducing the risk for a repeat episode.

Health information services

Have you ever had a healthcare question and not known whom to ask? Your doctor may not always be available for a quick call, your friends and family probably aren’t experts, and you can’t have a conversation with strangers on the internet about your concerns. You need help from an experienced health care professional, and you need it NOW.

That help is always a phone call or email away through Missio Benefit’s partnership with KnovaSolutions. KnovaSolutions provides our members with a team of healthcare professionals (including a nurse, a pharmacist, and a medical research librarian) who will consult and answer questions about:

  • Healthcare and treatment options 
  • Medical care decisions
  • Medication
  • Work-life balance
  • Holistic Wellbeing

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