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Christian schools have unique needs when it comes to employee benefits. Things like summer break and uncommon payroll cycles can make navigating the healthcare and benefits landscape very challenging. On top of this, most Christian schools are too small to take advantage of the administrative and financial efficiencies tied to self-funding, benefits technology platforms, TPA services, or data analytics. For many schools, benefits can continually pull resources away from fulfilling the shared mission of building up and equipping the next generation to be tomorrow’s leaders.


Missio Benefits is unique in that we leverage the combined strength and size of the Body of Christ to provide Christian schools with significantly lower premiums, streamline administration, and provide control over plan content and design. Missio Benefits provides the Great Commission community access to everything your school wants in a benefits program, and nothing it doesn’t. This is not a healthcare sharing program. We have architected a comprehensive Domestic and Global healthcare and benefits program with nationally recognized partners. There are no pre-existing condition limitations, annual maximums, morality clauses, or other unwanted compromises. Additionally, by choosing Missio Benefits, you’ll also become a member of Missio Nexus and join a network of missional leaders dedicated to propelling the spread of the Gospel around the world.

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