Our plans are not subject to secular laws, but Christian values.

This means you aren’t funding things that conflict with your beliefs, such as abortions, gender reassignments, and more. As a Partially Self-Funded Association Health Plan (AHP), Missio Benefits provides the Great Commission community access to everything your organization wants in a benefits program, and nothing it doesn’t. This is not a healthcare sharing program. Rather, we have architected a comprehensive domestic and global healthcare and benefits program with nationally recognized partners. There are no pre-existing condition limitations, annual maximums, morality clauses, or other unwanted compromises.

We’re all for one and one for all.

We’re framing the world around us by coming together as one body in Christ. Imagine that your church, school, or nonprofit had the market leverage of Amazon, Google, or Boeing and could obtain the type of technology, resources, and benefits programs generally reserved for the largest of organizations. This is what we’re able to offer through Missio Benefits.

We have the ability to negotiate on a scale because of the volume of people enrolled.

An unfortunate reality is that most Christian employers in the United States have few healthcare options for their employees other than small-group, fully-insured ACA plans. It’s no secret that these programs have struggled in recent years and as a result have continued to be defined by little control of plan design, demanding unreasonable and/or unjustified renewal increases, providing misaligned financial incentives, morally objectionable benefits, ACA taxes/fees, and little to no control of data or reporting. Missio Benefits is changing that.


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